The Highway Blues

The tyres on my car were worn down further than my patience of late and finally one of them gave up on me, fair enough. I had been putting off replacing them for quite a while because in all honesty, and for the same reason I have been putting off upgrading my mobile phone, I... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr 14…

Mr 15 has had a phone for a year, no dramas. He exchanges house work for credit and I can contact him in an emergency. Perfect. Mr 14 just got his first mobile phone, but unfortunately he is now using it to ring or message me All. The. Fucking. Time. Which could be looked at... Continue Reading →

Talking To Strangers

When I was in Sydney I scored another hug from a random stranger. I will generally go to great lengths to avoid people I know when I’m in a funk, but I seem to always end up talking to strangers, even in the deepest pits of depression, I just can’t help myself and in honesty... Continue Reading →

Big Baby in the Big Smoke

I’m in Sydney for the night, had to take mum to a specialist this arvo so we decided to stay the night in Manly. So it’s 10:35 on a Monday night and I’m currently sitting alone in a bar after gambling away $120. It just took me 20 seconds to down a rum & coke... Continue Reading →

A Long Road To Nowhere

I’m so tired. Exhausted in fact. This is all too much for me right now, my heads full. Can I unplug from the world for a while? Please? Simply sleep, be still, be quiet with no demands placed upon me other than simple existence? I don’t even mind if I don’t come back again, the world... Continue Reading →

Maybe There’s Hope After All

Last week when I walked into my psychiatrist’s office I was suicidal and broken, I had left feeling even worse than I started which was only fueled by a parting comment by my psych about eating cake which I wrote/whined about here, anyway, she had somehow managed to fit me into her intensely busy schedule... Continue Reading →

Have Your F’ing Cake

This is really silly. You know those little comments someone makes, someone you trust and think knows you, those little comments that make you wonder if they have understood anything you have been saying to them at all? Ever? I know I am being WAY over sensitive here, but a tiny thing my shrink said... Continue Reading →

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