Asking For Help

When I’m really struggling, sometimes I write letters to my psychiatrist, letters that I usually never send but the mere act of writing them somehow makes me feel better. I wrote the following letter to her today, I haven’t sent it yet, but I think I actually will this time... Hi M, This is kind... Continue Reading →

The Crack in the Ice

I feel sick. Nauseous and shaky. It feels like medication withdrawal but it’s not, it’s just anxiety, or possibly the ice cream I shoved mercilessly into my poor lactose intolerant body last night due to… well, anxiety. Fucking Anxiety. I have been skating on very thin ice emotionally speaking I seem to do well for... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award Nomination 2018

I'd like to thank the wonderful Kat from for passing this award over to me. Kat hosts a powerful mental health blog in which she shares her personal experiences in raising her amazing teenage daughter Jessie who has bipolar disorder, PTSD and anxiety. Kat is a kind, funny and truly inspirational mental health advocate who has... Continue Reading →

Out Of The Bipolar Closet

Firstly, thank you to all of you wonderful kind-hearted people that have been messaging, emailing and tweeting me. I am so grateful for your support, you guys keep me going! Friday and Saturday were hell but on Sunday, I woke up feeling mildly better, I had to take Miss 8 to a birthday party so... Continue Reading →

The Sins of Their Mother

Wednesday was the closest I have come to killing myself since April last year. I have been falling for a while but only recently found myself completely consumed by depression once more. I have been teetering in and out of intensely suicidal thoughts for weeks now, on Tuesday, I did something awful, something I deemed... Continue Reading →

Forget Me Not

*This is a flashback Friday post from my old blog March 2017* “Katie-belle, if I ever end up like that, I want you to promise you will shoot me.” Dad shook his head sadly at the television as the news reporter spoke, the documentary on Dementia was sad and confronting. “Yes, I promise” I replied... Continue Reading →

The War On Me

I wish I had the stamina to help people, I want so badly to inspire other people living with this damn illness. I want to show them how to get through those hard days, to demonstrate that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and make them believe that they will be... Continue Reading →


Words are running through my head like a freight train but I haven’t had any time to jot them all down properly, I think I currently have around six open word documents containing half-finished but now long forgotten blog posts which were paused at the spot where I was once again interrupted and then they... Continue Reading →

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