Hello Lovlies!

So, it’s still 2020. October, to be precise. What a Hell of a year it’s been, huh? Congratulations if you’ve made it this far.

I had a million and one grand plans for this website to become some sort of mental health information hub rather than just a place for me to come and vent on my little blog.

But alas, 2020 has happened and understandably I’ve become progressively whingier as the year has kept throwing faster curveballs and I have regressed to basically only venting again.

I’d like to promise the earth but I recently found out I have terminal cancer so instead I’m just going to be realistic and keep on using this place as a virtual diary where you can feel free follow along for the ride if you want!

If your new, welcome! Topics covered here will mostly include but not be limited to experiences of living with stage 4 cancer and multiple mental illnesses (ie bipolar disorder & dissociative identity disorder).

If you have questions click the ‘contact us’ page in the header bar and if you have comments then feel free to add them to the relevant blog post 🙂

xx Kate