Rap Godess

For some reason when I am hypomanic my song writing style changes from folky to either stuff with a ton of synthesiser (Garage Band is THE BEST THING EVER!) or hip hop and I just can’t stop writing rap lyrics.

I am literally having trouble sleeping at the moment because, well because I am hypomanic, but also when I close my eyes I hear Eminem’s voice talking to me in my head, in rhyme, non-stop, and these ‘lyrics’ are feel way too awesome not to get up and write down immediately!

Putting my delusions of grandeur aside, I actually read some of my lyrics back to my 14yr old Eminem loving son and he was genuinely impressed (he’s not one to sugarcoat) he did however suggest that I probably need someone else to perform them…

If I am honest, very few Australians can rap without sounding bloody awful (the accent does NOT work for it, Americans definitely have the upper hand there) and then there is the fact that I am also a middle aged white woman which who is about as stereotypically bad at rapping as you can get!

But, frankly the way the words have been flowing through me feels like I am literally channeling Marshal Mathers living spirit, and I’m beginning to feel like a Rap Godess…

In an effort to teach myself to rap, I spent way more time than I should have yesterday afternoon learning the fast bit of ‘Rap God’ and I can finally do it! But sadly, I still sound like a middle-aged, white, Australian woman strangling a cat…

So, if anyone out there has the ability to deliver a rap and wants some fresh lyrics, please e-mail me!


In other news, I prettied up my fairy garden with a stack of potted colour and fresh compost, now I just

need to mulch but it’s starting to look nice again, the birches are growing well and I love just sitting out there absorbing the energy, it feels very zen.

Also, I had my annual glass of bubbly yesterday and it was delicious. Melbourne Cup Day in Australia is a big deal so I donned my poker dot dress and a weird hat I made out of a bucket and some flowers I dyed blue (‘twas a competition, which I won) and because I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I *joined my Garden Club, placed my bets, ate a considerable amount of calories, drank my bubbly and watched the race that stops a nation.

I am also still self-medicating and it’s still kinda working, I have distraction issues – speaking of, I just realised that I should have woken the kids up because they need to get ready for school but started typing this post and got distracted… BRB

Okay, the kids have been delivered to the school bus successfully. Now, where was I?

Oh, I don’t know… Drivel mostly, I think…

Anyways, I am excited (and clearly showing my age) because I am finally picking up tiles for the splash back in my kitchen today, Hubby built me a glorious new kitchen about two years ago but as he makes kitchens for a living, we naturally never quite finished it off. I expect that the rest of the renovations on our dilapidated old farm house will take until 2037 at least, in fact we probably will only actually finish it when we decide to move out if history is anything to go by, but oh well, yay tiles!!


Hubby and I actually got a day and a night alone together a few weekends ago as we managed to farm out the kids to various friends houses, we went down to the coast and went on one of those awesome “tree top adventure” rope obstacle courses. It was hard work and so much fun, we want to take the kids there one day. This particular place shares its land with a small zoo and this stunning peacock was standing around in the car park showing off to his reflection in the car doors, we were in there for about 3 hours and he was still there when we left!

So, nobody ever really comments (that’s fine guys, you’re not hurting my feelings at all *sniff*) but I see the stats so I know you’re out there, so tell me what’s going on in your world!

Do you get excited over renovations and gardening too, or am I just lame?

Did any (or both) of my Aussie readers win big on the cup yesterday?

Bipolar peeps, does your taste in music change when you are hypo/manic?

Can you rap?

*Yes, I am in a Garden Club, and yes, I am the youngest by at least 40yrs. Shuddup, the oldies are heaps of fun! I even won $6 on the sweeps!

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