My Favourite Christmas Things

I have decided to jump on the festive bandwagon and at least TRY and be excited about the impending holiday known of fondly in most circles as Christmas.

Rather than harping on about the drudgeries such as gift wrap fails, preparing seating arrangements so that Uncle Dave and Uncle Gav don’t have another beer fueled barny at the dinner table or the annoyances of attempting to park a car within 2km of the shops, I thought I should be positive for a change and post about what I like about Christmas.

(By the way, this post is proof of just how badly I am procrastinating right now, I am actually voluntarily writing about Christmas in a positive manner to avoid dusting!)

So, without further ado, my Top 5 Christmas Favourites:

1. Fairy Lights

Christmas lights
Image stolen from Google

I am a total sucker for the bright and shiny and Christmas lights just make me all kinds of happy – well looking at them does, setting them up makes me want to drown myself in eggnog. One year I was a touch manic and I spent a few thousand dollars decking the halls, or at least the front yard, with light up moving reindeer, inflatables and coloured icicle lights – it looked awesome! But then the following year we moved out to the farm where electricity is insanely expensive and there was nobody around to see them so they have remained in a box ever since. This year I attempted to erect a deer for an hour and then went to the shops and instead spent $25 on a light projector which makes my entire house and garden look like it is swathed in fairy lights with minimal electricity and without any of the effort! Points to technology!!

2. Gingerbread Houses

gingerbread house
This person is just a show off!

I love me a good gingerbread house, not to eat though – too many calories, besides I’m not a big ginger bread fan anyway. I don’t like making them either – that involves cooking and you all know how I feel about that. Come to think of it, I have never actually had a gingerbread house in my home at Christmas, but I do think they look really cute when I see them at other peoples, plus I admire anyone with the patience to spend hours rolling out unforgiving pastry into exactly the right shapes and sizes and then spend even more time attaching hundreds of little lollies on with icing glue.

3. The spoils of my garden


December brings some of my favourite garden goodies, my fairy garden is at its flowering best, my ‘Summer Lillies’ are flowering (they have a real name but I don’t remember it right now) and I can bring big bunches of them inside to pretty everything up, we also have an abundance of strawberries, currants and raspberries that we can pick at will and blend into delicious smoothies or use to top off ice cream sundaes.


4. Sleep In’s

Sleep Mask
Image stolen from Google

Not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get children ready for school, not having to make lunches or deal with fighting delinquents my little darlings first thing in the morning? Oh it is sheer bliss! Instead of driving to the bus stop looking and feeling like a zombie, I can wake of my own volition and even lie in bed snoozing, reading or let’s face it tweeting mindlessly in hashtag games until I eventually choose to get up! Ahhh….

5. The children’s excitement

happy kids.jpg
Image stolen from Google

Seeing the look of anticipation on Miss 8’s face on the 1st of December when we dust off the Christmas tree and finally find the box of unbroken baubles is priceless, she loves Christmas! She loves the advent calendars, the festive decorations, the parties, the twinkling lights, the amount of scrumptious ‘treat’ foods she is allowed to eat and of course the feeling and shaking all the presents trying to guess what is inside each one. The boys are pretty much just partial to the food and the presents, I don’t think they would even notice if the tree didn’t go up – I wonder who they inherited that from?

What do you love about Christmas?

One Comment on “My Favourite Christmas Things

  1. My reblog of your book review + a testimonial about your magnificent writing ✏️ & your blog is now up! 💓

    I love lilies and we had beautiful bright orange ones at our October wedding…..

    But what I love about Christmas is that we’re driving to Lake Tahoe today (5 hrs north) where there is some snow (there isn’t any here) to stay at a friend’s old cabin. I’ll blog about it next week. It’s a very special place to me for good and bad reasons…

    Hugs, my darlin’!



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