Roll Mops for Valentines Day


Dontcha hate people that whine and whinge about how much their life sucks all the time? Yeah, me too, so in the spirit of reducing the urge for you to run off and wash your eyes out in bleach, Im going to try and stop complaining as much, at least for now…

Yeah I’m still depressed, but right this moment and for no particular reason I’m mostly feeling grumpy, cynical and antsy, (autocorrect just changed that to ‘nasty’, but unfortunately for my husband I’m not quite there yet).

It’s like somethings about to happen, I can feel it, but I don’t know what… And yes, that was a lyric unintentionally stolen from Mr Mathers, apologies to you good sir, (I assume of course that you read my blog) please don’t sue me, you can wait until I release my parody called “Lap Dog” on You Tube to do that, it’s not too terrible if I do say so myself, but as for suing me, unfortunately I’m not really worth a whole lot – I’m about $300K in debt actually – I do have a small kick ass collection of seashells and if my bloody cat pee’s on the floor one more time then you can have her too.



But I digress. I returned from my little pity party in Sydney on Tuesday night and saw my beloved shrink “M” yesterday, dutifully bawled at her like a pitiful puppy about old wounds that I seem to have been picking open lately, she was exceptionally kind as always and I left feeling marginally less like hanging myself from the nearest over pass, donned my oversized black sunglasses to try and cover up my mascara stained puffy eyes and went out for lunch at a posh little cafe with my sister in law. We’ve been hanging out quite a bit lately, she keeps inviting me places I love to go to and places I haven’t been. Last week she took me to my favourite open garden of all time and then we went here:




So, lunch was as divine as the permitted chicken salad could ever be, I faked it till I maked it with appropriately jovial conversation and feeling a tad more stable I headed home via the shop to pick up a card and a jar of Roll Mops for Hubby as an after thought gift for everyones favourite greeting card holiday, Valentines day.


Yes, I gave him Roll Mops for Valentines day, vile little things. Personally I hate having the stinky vinegar-soaked slimy, scaly, fish in my house at all, let alone open in the fridge ick! But Hubby really does love them (must be a European thing), so this along with an overdue *ahem* strategically placed kiss without strings attached, was my planned attempt at proving that I still love him despite my mood of late. (It seemed to work.)


Today Miss 8 is off school “sick”, of course she seemed to have made a miraculous recovery by 9:30am, so as punishment for playing hooky I dragged her into town to do the grocery shopping but all the while secretly cursing her for being with me and thus forcing me to postpone the deep seeded desire to drive headfirst into a semi trailer.

Which brings me to now, I am FINALLY sitting at my beloved computer after nearly a full week of trying to navigate blogs and writing only via my phone and it feels MAGICAL. So a thousand apologies if I haven’t been keeping up with the reading/commenting/replying of your blog as of late, I promise I will try harder!

Toodles, Kate



5 Comments on “Roll Mops for Valentines Day

  1. No worries! Been holding down the fort here in blog land, being disgustingly happy the past few days, so much so I might have lost some followers. Eh, fuck it, this bipolar bullshit took a back seat this week, so I kept the good times rollin! I have to give you credit though, as crappy as you may feel these days, (from what I have read), you do seem to get yourself out there and go to the most awesome places! High Five to the Big Potato! ❀

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  2. Oh grief, l love rollmops!

    Haven’t had them in years though!


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    What inspires you to do what you do here in your blog?

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    Let me know what you think?

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