This Weird Spooky Thing Happened…

WTF? I am confused, this random spooky thing happened to me today…

I think I’m losing it. (Okay, more so.)

Okay, so anyway, my favourite beaded bracelet watch stopped working MONTHS ago, hubby concluded that it was just the battery and as it was only a cheap $10 watch it would probably cost more to replace the battery than the watch, but I really LOVED it and I was sad that it had died so I kept it anyway.

I saw the watch sitting on my jewelry stand this morning and I decided to just put it on my right hand wrist and wear it as a pretty bracelet for the day, I had my other working watch on my left side and I thought I could just go and see what a new battery for it would cost when I went into town today to do groceries.

When I got to town, the watch fixing place was all closed up for some reason so unfortunately, I couldn’t take it in. It was a bugger, but I figured I would try again next time.

Just now I looked down at the broken watch & then at my proper watch and realised that the time was correct, I laughed thinking to myself ‘what are the odds, oh well it’s going to be right two times a day!’ and then I looked again and saw that it was ticking…


It was DEFINITELY not working this morning… Even if for some reason, something had bumped it and made it go again while I was wearing it today, WHY IS THE TIME CORRECT?

It does not make any sense.


Possible explanations running through my warped mind include:

  • Most likely: I disassociated and had it replaced and then forgot, which would amusingly mean that by losing time, I in fact gained it… I joke, but that actually scares the crap out of me because I am unaware of any missing parts of today and I haven’t (to my knowledge) actually lost any chunks of time in AGES. If I am disassociating and doing things like that, then what else am I doing?


  • Unlikely: (and perhaps slightly paranoid…) Someone is messing with me and replaced it or had it fixed without saying anything… No. I’m certain the watch was on my wrist the whole time I was out and the chances of someone pickpocketing me, fixing a watch they didn’t know was broken and returning it are lower than winning the jackpot on a poker machine.


  • Highly unlikely: Magical act of God caused by good behaviour? I actively chose not to gamble today when I had an opportunity – side note: it was bloody hard and I am very proud of myself!


  • Impossibly unlikely: My Twitter joke yesterday about being a time traveler somehow turned out to be true and I time travelled into next week and got and new battery and then came back again without remembering any of it?



Gahhh! I don’t like ANY of those options! Especially at the moment because I’ve been a bit in and out of a buzzy little dream world lately and sometimes telling what is happening in your mind and what is happening in real life is a touch blurry. *Thinks* is the watch even working or did I imagine that whole thing? *looks at watch again* yep it’s definitely working…

So people of the internet…Any ideas? Please??

13 Comments on “This Weird Spooky Thing Happened…

  1. My watch stopped working after I had epileptic convulsions wearing it on Thanksgiving and it got bashed on a bed a lot. I felt bad about it but like it, so I kept it. Since then, it works when it is at the bedside or in my pocket, BUT NOT WHEN I WEAR IT. Over and over it does this. I think the watches are just trying to fake us out after being ‘the good kids’ forever!

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          • Well, in Tibetan Buddhism, sure, the world/s we perceice are kind of unique to us, since we all have only partial insight into It All. These days many of my friends and tarot clients are old-fashioned multiple folks/those with DID, and I have been dead myself a few times (electrocution etc.), so yeah, weird happens a lot all over in my experience.

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          • Um, hmm. I just have the experience of knowing the folks, and not much theory right. I feel that trauma from previous lives, especially at the time of death, can affect the next life–Tibetan Buddhism states it very plainly, which is why they have a ton of instructions about what is helpful at the time of death. I think that our energies can get attached to time periods and circumstances and traumatic events and not know we died or near-died or that a certain situation or time period is over. At least I feel that applies to me, although I am not an ‘official’ multiple, although I certainly dissociate. I do know folks who are multiple incluidng beings who say they are not fully part of them, so I sort of see bodies as apartments where maybe one main being can be there, but of course there are other beings, from bacteria to the energies of others that can come and go. That may be no help, but is my best jumbles notions right now. I am not big on words like ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ since I don’t know what people mean by it.

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          • Yes, I struggle to find the ‘right’ words to use to explain what is more of an unexplainable ‘feeling’ than anything else. I dissociate though generally not to black out stage and I feel that my body is shared and I guess I have just been trying to figure out a reason why that sits well with me. I like to have scientific reasons for things but they are not always forthcoming. I have had a thousand tiny traumas but nothing that would be ‘significant’ enough for a split. Some of my biggest issues come from clear memories of events that I have carried around since childhood yet these things have never happened to me, at least in this life. Buddhism is probably the best ‘label’ fit for my personal spiritual beliefs, although I haven’t actually read any of it’s teachings, things I feel and believe always seem to end up being reflected in it somehow.
            Sorry to talk your ear off!


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