Like A Pig In Froth

I have been trying to upload a video I made yesterday in an effort to explain to all you lovely readers that I am okay and a bit about why I am psych ward phobic after my last hospitalisation, but alas, the YouTube Gods hate me, or are trying to protect me from myself, either way I have tried to go about this in several different ways and in several different places, but it simply won’t work. I am clearly not destined for video fame and fortune, well not this week anyway.

Today  I went into town for an overdue long promised visit my parents, it is their 37th wedding anniversary so we went out for lunch. I found my haunted/magic watch in a little side pocket in my handbag where I didn’t remember leaving it, the time on it was right again.

Mum was all excited because she had had some ‘psychic healing’ done on her hip (she’s on the hip replacement list) and it was feeling much better.
I told her that was awesome but to please stop preaching her beliefs at me until I am no longer ‘elevated’ because I am losing control of my control switch. Then we popped into a bookshop where I felt compelled to ask if they had any Philosophy stuff, you know, just in case I am actually the next Aristotle – there were two books, one of which began with a chapter on coincidences and the other of which was written by a guy with my not overly common maiden name – my mother told me excitedly that “It’s a sign!” and the spirits are trying to send me messages. I told her to shut up because I can’t hear this stuff from her right now.

Dad was having a really good day, he seemed like his old self and it was really awesome to talk to him and listen to his stories. We got a coffee and Max the talented coffee guy made him an awesome picture of a pig in the froth:

How cool is that!!


I drove home singing Eminem at the top of my lungs, even waiting by the lollipop man going through the roadworks – those boys work hard, I figure they deserve something to laugh at!

How was your day?

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