The problem with e-mail…

So I screwed up today and accidentally sent a bunch of emails off to people in my real life from the colour of madness address, so on the off chance that any of you super sleuths out there from my real life have found this blog due to my lapse in judgement, I am asking you nicely, please turn back now and respect my privacy.

Thank you.



4 Comments on “The problem with e-mail…

  1. Privacy? I have learned that privacy is a myth. Unfortunately whether mistake or not, people are curious creatures. It’s been my experience to accept the fact that my true friends will talk to me about things they learn, and others will just talk about me. Live your life proudly, you are an intelligent, caring woman. Screw the rest. I wish you the best.

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    • True… I think that knowing people I know are reading would just limit my writing freedom, its not so much the judgement, although I would be lying if I said that wasn’t a factor… But things like writing about suicide gives me a release that actually helps prevent me from acting on those feelings, but I won’t be able to express my thoughts freely if I am concerned that someone might call my husband every time I wrote a dark post.


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