Wired Weird

I went out to lunch with a friend the other day and on the way in we had to rescue someone’s bewildered pet duck from a busy highway, locate its owner and return it. As you do.

After young daffy was reunited with his owner, my friend commented off the cuff that it was something that would only happen around me and she’s not wrong.

Some really weird stuff happens to us. Its not necessarily always bad or frightening stuff  its often just random strange stuff or odd coincidences that leave you thinking WTF!?

Small example, Mr 17 just started dating a girl from the city last week, they met online as apparently you do these days and it turns out her aunt is a friend of mine from a lifetime ago.

What are the odds of that? Pretty high for my family apparently. It feels like we have some sort of cosmic energy surrounding us that pulls all the bizarre things into our realm…

It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, it seems to be a family trait we don’t go searching for drama but it finds us. There have been dark family secrets, multiple bizarre illnesses, near death experiences, reality tv shows turning up on the door step and just the other day my recently widowed mother had to decline a marriage proposal that came of the blue by a 95year old man who declared he had loved her for 20years but wanted to wait until my Dad had been dead at least 6months to propose…(!)

It’s probably a lot of the reason that The Truman Show sparked so much paranoia for us back in the day, the amount of strange occurrences seems far more likely in a TV soap opera world than it does in a real life, let alone OUR real life.

Maybe we should start playing the lottery.

Our P-doc has commented on a few occasions that you can’t make this shit up and most people might deal with one or two of these strange or traumatic things occuring in their lifetimes but we seem to get them thrown out of left field at us on a monthly basis.

Sometimes I wonder if when she first met us she just thought we were making everything up and yet, alas she has borne witness to a multitude of oddities just in the years she’s been treating us so she knows we are not.

Is trauma a magnet for more trauma?

I can see how behaviours stemming from trauma can lead to more exposure to further trauma, but when you’re talking about stuff that just happened spontaneously or being in the wrong random place at the wrong random time you can’t help but consider the possibility of Karma and question if you were in fact Hitler in a past life.

Does weird stuff happen to you often too?

Let me know in the comments!

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