The Girl in the Hallway

I sit on the dirty white shag pile carpet in the hallway of my childhood home and glance up catching a sudden movement from the corner of my eye.

There’s a young girl looking at me intently, she has long blonde wavy hair, wise blue eyes and a quizzical expression on her face, we’ve never met before but she seems somehow familiar and I find myself drawn to her with an unexplainable intensity as though she’s somehow a part of me, a soulmate.

My body tingles in anticipation and I wonder who she is; is she a ghost or a spirit of someone I once knew in a past life or perhaps someone I may come to know in the future?

I question momentarily where she’s come and how she’s come to be here before standing up and reaching out to touch her. She stands also and holds her hand out to meet mine, I grin, she grins back but neither of us speak, we don’t have to, we can feel each other’s thoughts, each other’s emotions, there are no need for words.

We stand for a while, hand to hand, radiant energy flowing between us, both aware we should see only a reflection of ourselves here and yet today, instead we see only a reflection of each other.

With her on her side and I on mine, the mirror becomes our secret portal from one realm to another and we stay a moment in this shared understanding, knowing that what ever happens, we will always have each other.

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