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I have been writing all day, but mostly in circles. I keep dissociating and discovering an hour or two went by and I don’t seem to have done anything…

I should have been writing a resume, I’m supposed to be looking for work, but I keep getting sidelined by my self, changing my mind about what I can and can’t do, what hours I can and can’t do, what skills I do/don’t have and then I realised I can’t contact any of my former employers from my government job for a reference because I don’t remember their last names.

Memory problems suck. I did so many courses and training workshops there and I can barely remember the name of one of them.

So, naturally I’ve been procrastinating and was going through the masses of unfinished or unpublished blog entry’s sitting in my drafts and remembering why I didn’t end up publishing them.

I’m feeling guilty about skipping my friends funeral tomorrow, there’s a post about that in the drafts pile I’ll get to some time. I just can’t do funerals right now, my heads not up for it.

I’m pissed off because the insurance company wrote off my Dads car, I know he can’t drive anymore anyway due to his Alzheimer’s but still, I had only had it a few weeks before the accident, Dad had bought it new and looked after it impeccably, it was his pride and joy and just like that I killed it. Well, that truck killed it, but he fled the scene and I didn’t get his number plate so in the eyes of insurance law, it’s still my fault.

Blah, blah, whinge moan complain.

I should shut up and be thankful right now, a huge amount of QLD & NSW are burning to a crisp, the fire danger is at its highest warning level and the wind is howling but my little Aussie bush wonderland is still safe.

My half-sister’s mother came very close to losing her home on the weekend, luckily the wind changed at just the right time and she was spared.

Bushfires are scary, we’ve had to evacuate before and it’s frightening as hell watching birds fall down dead from apocalyptic skies, not knowing whether you’re going to have a home to return to.

The above was an image of the active fires in NSW on Saturday, basically, blue means there’s a fire be aware of it , yellow means it’s getting close to properties get ready to leave, red means immediate threat to homes and get the hell out or bunker down.

There were up to 17 on red emergency warning level at one point on Saturday, that’s never happened before. It’s only November, not even Summer yet, that’s pretty scary stuff.

I’ll leave this here because suddenly the days gone and I need to pick up the kids, love to all of you, you guys help keep me going and I appreciate that ❤ Kate

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