Vlog on the Blog

Hi guys, I’m trying something new for anyone who wants to see my ugly mug’s unedited ramblings about my crappy memory, identity and bushfires. (This was Tuesday)

I’m going to be honest here, I’m mildly concerned that uploading this is a early warning sign of impending hypomania, I haven’t been sleeping that well again, I don’t do videos and right after I did this one yesterday, I may have picked up some hitchhikers on a whim to the horrified objection of my more safety conscious parts…

Then I may have briefly considered just taking them the full 300km they needed to go because their plans sounded really cool and I wanted to join them…

BUT I didn’t, better judgement won out and I kept my morning tea plans, talked the ear of my SIL instead, painted my nails blue & went home

2 Comments on “Vlog on the Blog

  1. Hello my lovely friend. So good to hear/see you. Take comfort that you’re not alone with this particular woe. I get “X years ago” pictures that pop up on Facebook or Google Photos and sometimes it’s like I’m seeing them for the first time.

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