Life is a beautiful, chaotic, complicated mess

I’m thinking of playing this whole life stuff from a different angle, instead of trying to make sense of it or come to terms with it and evaluate it anymore I think I’m just going to have to roll with it and laugh.

The glass isn’t half empty or half full, the glass is missing and an indeterminate amount of water is just hanging in midair pretending that it’s all completely normal.

Maybe it is completely normal?

Maybe life is just one giant beautiful, chaotic, complicated mess.

My niece in foster care had a bit of a crisis on Monday & is now staying with us for a week for some respite, they asked me to take her to a psychiatrist appointment today and I was like sure no worries, they sent me the details of a new psychiatrist she would be seeing and out of the hundreds of psychiatrist/psychology places in the city OF COURSE she would be going to the same small practice I go to. Different psychiatrist but still, weird walking in and they’re like “you don’t have an appointment today do you?”

What a coincidence.

Then I thought of an old friend this afternoon as I parked at a tiny shopping complex in a part of town I don’t frequent, I was killing time waiting for my niece to finish with a different thing she’s participating in and had stopped there on a whim with intent to buy a coffee.

The cafe was around the corner from the car park and as I started to head towards it I checked my FB messages (which I only check every few days or so) and there was a message from that same old friend I was thinking of saying we should catch up.

what a coincidence!

I laughed to myself and headed over to the cafe to buy my coffee – and who do you think was sitting there?

My old friend.

We had time to catch up and talk which was wonderful, I told him about my DID diagnosis, I have only told one other friend so it’s a big deal for me and he was completely fine about it. It felt nice to be honest and open, I don’t get a lot of opportunities for authenticity IRL.

It’s such a weird life.

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