*** Update***

They have found her, she is apparently safe but I haven’t been given any more details at this point. Fingers crossed she gets some real help this time !


If you’re the thoughts and prayers type, can you send a few Miss S’s way?

She ran away from her carer again but the permanent placement this time and now she’s been missing for a few days – there has been the odd social media update apparently (We’ve been blocked) so we know she was alive 9hrs ago but she’s also very much not in any sort of safe place.

She’s 13 year old for fucks sake, she’s been through hell but she’s not a ‘tough’ kid, she’s not a street smart kid.

We can’t find her and the police won’t help unless she’s in “imminent danger” – she’s been taken to hospital by police a few times in the past month but they keep medically clearing her and letting her go home without proper psych assessment BEFORE talking to her carers or her caseworker or her counsellor.

Apparently the repeated risky (like climbing along 3 story ledges) behaviour, threatening suicide, self harming and other impulsive actions are just “a naughty teenager acting out”, or a “cry for help” they see her as a nuisance.

Now she’s got a history of this stuff, it’s not taken seriously.

They don’t know her, they don’t care that she has a painful trauma history, that her mother just died, they don’t care that this behaviour is actually very out of character for her.

She frustrates them so they pass her on to someone else.

Well honestly, maybe if there’s a cry for help like this, someone should fucking help?!

But if course very few people seem to care about runaway foster kids…

I know how evil the world can be, she’s already had way more shit in her life than anyone can cope with and I’m terrified of where this path ends.

I’ll put this song here, it is her favourite at the moment because it’s so heartbreakingly relatable to her, listen to the lyrics, light a candle, send some love through the ether and hopefully some sort of power of collective thoughts and love will echo through the universe and find her somehow.

3 Comments on “Runaway

  1. This is so scary. I hope she resurfaces and is ok. Children’s lives can too easily become tragedies. NF had a pretty rough childhood himself so perhaps part of why he’s so relatable to her. I don’t pray but I’ll be thinking of her Please do share an update if you can.

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