I Hope I haven’t Killed My Father


Yeah I’m starting a lot of sentences with swear words at the moment but We’re stressed. Currently to the point where Catherine had to turn the heart rate alert thingy off on our watch yesterday because she’s been out so much and it was going off every ten seconds saying her heart rate was too high, she has a highish heart rate at the best of time’s (mines super low, and no, I can’t medically explain that.) so it’s a bad baseline to start with and we are never going to know if it actually matters or not.

Psychological impacts on physiology are super interesting and not well researched…

But I digress, so in regards to the swearing, as the kids say, sorry not sorry.

So I have woken up with a cold. Stuffy nose, mild cough, sore throat, headache and maybe a fever. Before we jump on the international panic bandwagon, I’m not even remotely concerned about catching coronavirus, I haven’t been travelling or near anyone who has and I live in the middle of nowhere, colds happened and besides all that, given my failure rate at death in the past, I’m 80% sure I’m actually immortal and you’ll never be able to prove it if I’m wrong anyway, lol!

You know, every time I hear the word ‘coronavirus’ someone inside starts singing “she was feel in’ pretty fine, pretty fine, til’ she caught MY CORONA!” To the tune of My Sharona – it was funny the first time, but it’s getting really annoying!

On a serious note, I am quite concerned however that I’ve likely been incubating this for a while and have passed the cold on to my immunocompromised father who we have spent the majority of every day this week with and killing him with a stupid bloody cold wasn’t on our agenda.

Yesterday went from routine Dr appointment to emergency hospital visit after his blood pressure measured a 85 /54 and he had a very low temp.

His blood pressure picked up again and they released him on antibiotics because while his white cell count was unacceptable, it takes 24hrs to get bacterial cultures back from the lab & hospitals are infection breeding grounds, so depending on the results he may need to go back in today.

I popped past this morning to drop something off (talking through the screen door only as not to get my germs on him) and he actually looked really well, so that gave me a lot more confidence than I had leaving him last night.

Ugh. I really hope I haven’t made him sick.

I feel like I was going to write something with a point when I started this today but I’ve apparently gotten side tracked, so I’ll leave it here for now.

Stay virus free, people

xx Kate

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