We had the operation

As the title said, we had the operation- we coped beautifully until we actually reached the day surgery unit and had our name called, then we completely freaked out. There are some nurses down there I owe apologies to for my rudeness. Poor hubby tried in vain to console us but that “kill me now” part of the brain took over and cope we did not.

Luckily just as we were trying to work out how to smash a photo frame on the wall and use the glass to end it all M arrived, as promised wearing scrubs and pretty earrings.

For some reason she just has the most wonderful unique ability to calm and soothe all of us. God we are lucky.

I’ll write the detailed version of the story another time as it’s currently 1am and the pain meds are making concentration hard but the TL;DR of the matter is we had the op, it is cancer, it has spread locally around the abdomen and we will get the detailed pathology back in a week or two to plan for what to do next.

I feel weirdly relieved. Peace out peeps xx

2 Comments on “We had the operation

  1. You all are my heroes!
    Strong, individually independent, and yet still have the ability to work together no matter the course you’re taking.
    Bravo and recover with all your multiple strengths.
    Ty McMurray

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