We Got The Results

The surgeon who performed our radical hysterectomy, appendectomy, peritoneal resection & tumour removal last week called on Saturday evening with the histopathology results.

He’s a really nice guy and We could tell it was hard on him breaking bad news. The results say that it’s bowel cancer which means stage 4 due to the spread to the ovaries & peritoneal area.

We’re officially dying. I don’t know how long we have yet, I suppose they’ll need to find the primary tumour before they start guessing lifespans, but of course I stupidly googled it and saw that at this point any more than 12months would probably be pretty lucky but “everyone is different” yadda yadda…

Dr G the surgeon has apparently referred us on to a bowel cancer specialist who will want us to have a colonoscopy among other tests. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while I’m sure you can imagine how we feel about that.

Friends and family are grieving in their own ways, some are trying to force feed us turmeric while others are telling us we can probably live 20 more year if we just have a positive attitude.

Hubby is thankfully being more realistic in an optimistic way, he knows how much we’ve struggled in the past and is being kind and lovingly patient with our confused and conflicted feelings and is focused on being grateful for our time together.


2 Comments on “We Got The Results

  1. Everybody has their own experiences, their own beliefs. You’ve always been good at being you. That has worked for you so far. All the conversations we had tells me that you will do what it’s best for you with nobody convincing you any other way.

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