The Plan

We saw the oncologists yesterday and they think that we’ll make an excellent candidate for the big scary surgery peritonectomy which all going well should be quite life extending with hope that it could even be curative (around 30% of cases).

So we’ve made a tentative plan today but they’ll be talking to a specialist in Sydney first to finalise some details. At this point the plan is for us to have an illiostomy on Monday – this is a type of stoma bag that sits on your tummy, is attached to the small intestine and collects poo. This is to prevent further bowel blockage which could become a perforation risk due to chemo drying things out so to speak. The hospital stay for that will be about 5 days.

Then on the last day in hospital they will have a port a cath placed for chemo, two weeks later the IV chemo will start and will be delivered in two weekly cycles over a period of about 3 months. Fabulously this type of chemo doesn’t make you lose your hair!

After a chemo rest break to try and give your body some strength back they will do the terrifying peritonectomy surgery in Sydney then more chemo for another 3 months.

So that’s a whole lot of stuff, but there’s a chance it could stop the cancer from being a death sentence or at least give me more time to finish my damn book (this shit is just making it longer though!!) Plus, if I’ve done my maths right that means the big surgery will be in 2021, which I feel is probably safer than if it were scheduled for 2020!

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