I Tried A Bagel

So that might sound like a random title, but if you caught my guest appearance on the lovely Jamoalki’s Depressed Not Dead podcast the other week (available on all good podcast apps) you may have heard me mention that I’d never had a bagel before & that I’d put it on my bucket list.

Australia isn’t that big on bagels so it’s not something I had grown up with or really thought to look for. Luckily, I happened to notice Coles was selling packs of bagels the very next day, somehow I’d never noticed them before…

So I picked a pack of blueberry ones, because they seemed more appealing than the other option of plain with sesame seeds and took them home.

I probably should have googled “what to do with bagels” but didn’t think that far ahead, so I took one out of the packet, snapped a pic and bit into it.

The verdict? Not fussed. I thought it tasted like thick slightly stale no name brand raisin bread with a weirdly shiny outside. Hubby’s reaction was hilarious and I wish I had it on video but it included a dramatic spit out and something roughly along the lines of “people eat this voluntarily? What is wrong with them?!” With more swear words.

I discussed this with my friend L later and she said I was supposed to put cream cheese on it or jam or something and that they’re better toasted, but at this point I had had the ileostomy and bagel style foods are temporarily forbidden so I won’t be trying them again in the near future.

Do you like bagels?

4 Comments on “I Tried A Bagel

  1. Also, bagels you can buy in a package in the grocery store are very poor examples indeed of the real thing. You need one fresh made, preferably still warm, from a place that specializes in them. For the true experience, you should eat one in New York City, but I do acknowledge that it would be an exceptionally long journey for you.

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  2. That is so funny!
    My Honey likes her bagels toasted with cream cheese. I prefer mine toasted and dripping with butter.
    To be fair, I tried vegimite once back in 1983. Just to a spoonful and stuck it in my mouth. I was told afterwards that it was not the way to eat it, but have had the chance to try it since.
    I travel a lot, and I insist on eating local delicacies, from plants to bugs. I usually like, it at least appreciate everything to some level.

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