Look good, Feel Better part 1

I’m sitting in the car in the hospital car park. No treatment today thank goodness, but instead I’m going to attend a workshop called “Look Good, Feel Better”. It’s designed to help cancer patients cope with the physical toll of cancer treatments and so forth, they talk about wigs and I’m guessing how to use makeup that won’t fuck up your skin any more than the chemo already has.

I’m ashamed at how little I know about it actually, there’s a website I didn’t look at in much detail so I’ll fill you in on what actually happened after the fact. One of the nurses recommended it as a good opportunity for connection if nothing else now that they’re running them again (they stopped due to Covid for a while there) and I love me a good connective experience.

Before photo sans make up and sporting rapidly thinning hair below in hopes of the possibility of a somewhat magical after pic. That or I’ll doctor something up using an Instagram filter 😂


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