Random Farm Life

I was just thinking about how much I love living out bush, the privacy of not being able to so much as see your neighbours roof tops is a definite win, and although all my neighbours are lovely it’s nice not to be living on top of one another. We have the freedom to sing very loudly, play the out of tune piano and walk out to the clothesline in our undies should we want to. We don’t, but we could.

Some things can be more challenging, like mowing after rain (rain is a phenomenon we aren’t so used to around these parts) and bogging the tractor like hubby did the other day. 🤣


Once I’d stopped laughing I did help tow him out.

Then there are the critters… it’s Australia so you know, everything is assumed dangerous until proven otherwise. We have an orb spider plague at the moment, the early morning dew glistens in their sunlit silken webs strewn between trees and blades of grass in the paddocks. Sounds pretty but in reality is more like the entrance to a Halloween haunted house. If you walk anywhere outside you must flail a stick around frantically in front of you to avoid doing the somewhat embarrassing “OH MY GOD IS IT ON ME?!!” Dance and screaming like a koala on heat.

I couldn’t get a clear picture of a drop bear for you, but here’s a resident and rather venomous danger noodle:

This is the back end of the brown snake that guards my front gate, aka “Mr Serpentine De’Asp” (They’re less scary if you name them!) #Straya

Apart from the creepy crawlies and slithery things, it’s a bloody nice place to live.

How’s the serenity.

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