I’m sitting in the car park at the hospital waiting for my friend who had to take her son to an appointment at the fracture clinic, poor little bugger broke his arm the other week and on his birthday to boot!

I’m so over this hospital, I feel like I’m here all the time and even after wagging chemo this week I still couldn’t completely get away from the place.

My friend had a back op recently and isn’t allowed to drive so we made a road trip of it, unfortunately I’m not allowed in the hospital because I have had a head cold and am still croaky but can’t do the mask thing (ptsd issues) so I’m just chilling in her car watching random YouTube videos and waiting. I’d rather not go in anyway.

As I watch people getting in and out of their cars I’m tempted to make up stories about their lives, like the dude in the hi vis shirt, I’ll name him Gazza. Gazza looks pretty tired, I reckon he’s been here since 9am, heading to the pub now to deal with a day spent in the emergency department after his apprentice lost a finger dicking around on the table saw. He’d told that kid a million times to pay attention!

Anyways, I’m clearly bored.

What’s your day been like?

One Comment on “Bored

  1. I wonder about where people are going in their cars when I’m driving what their life might be like etc. I’m quite sure it’s probably more boring then i make their lives in my head lol

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