I’ve been burning down invisible bridges,
setting my heart on fire.
Hiding in the shadows of a memory,
collecting my fading scars

Maybe the worlds still turning,
leaving me in its wake.
Maybe time is still passing, while I keep on raising the stakes.

What if I lose who I never was,
to become who I could never have been?
What if my shadow escapes me,
and my demons choose to set me free?

Imagine a life without drama,
a day that just begins and ends.
Imagine a night un-haunted,
and dreams that bring you peace.

Tomorrow shines new light on an old world.
Tomorrow can live on forever, or never come at all.
Tomorrow is all we’ve got to hope for now,
tomorrow we’ll rise or fall.

6 Comments on “Tomorrow

  1. and love did fall like love did fall like stardust from above, and a shower did fall your way….

    your poem merits more than a Wow,
    your poem is merited with more than Power,
    your poem is showered within the Miraculous Power of Love….

    so tendering are your words I had to make an effort, which was in fact effortless…. you have put a skip in my step and smile on my face…. Big hugs for you 😊

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      • a giver may find it hard to receive so accept the gifts of words and smile to yourself if you so please. for I, like others, also fart when I sneeze and wipe my nose, when no one’s looking, on my shirt sleaves.

        no reply needed what so ever.

        Liked by 1 person

          • strangely, (not really) at 4bloodyam, when one of mine decides to play out, I smile and wonder which one of yous is, perhaps, doing the same.

            So, thinking of you – in that ‘no, you go say hello – no, don’t be fucking stupid’ kind of way.

            No reply needed. Just here having a bit of smile for you, ‘in that way’ you and yous will get it – most wouldn’t, so it’s great to have your acquaintance.

            Liked by 1 person

          • *waves* Totally relatable, it’s nice when others understand us, we’re a complicated breed… Someone was probably up too but just not here, we certainly aren’t strangers to 4am 😂

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