Silent Night

As you set fire to the last bridge between us, with words that burned our wooden soul.
The Ashes of your heart charred black,
I could not stop you, save us, grow old.

How many times can a Phoenix rise?
How many times can we hide away in our mind?
How many times can we brush it all away?
No more now, it ends today.

I wished I could take our whole life back
As I lay myself across those tracks,
My final thoughts, but your final call,
A final act to rue them all.

Blessed be those who stood up tall,
Blessed be those crushed beneath their walls.
While we never can, if we never try,
Sometimes still, it shall pass us by.

With roses strewn across our paths,
Thorns and daggers in our hearts,
We lay to rest a weary fight,
And bid farewell in the silent night.

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2 Comments on “Silent Night

  1. there is this girl called Catherine,
    who had over done it on the Laugherine,
    and while lying in bed,
    feathers grew from her head,
    her nose becoming beakpointed and red,
    So, if you ever see a bird in your bed,
    think of Catherine,
    now with wings on her back and hawks legs,
    she’ll raise up great cheering, all will be shouting,
    she is rising and flying, again,
    so maybe,
    just maybe,
    if you,
    ever see a bird in your bed,
    with redbeakpointed nose and glorious feathers on its head,
    think of,
    really think of,
    Catherine raised and rising instead.

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