Many Hats

Tell no one of your story
Tell no one of your woes
Tell no one of your secrets
Tell no one where you go.
I have 100 hats for the 100 people in my head,
the ones I don’t remember and the ones I still regret.
Together we told our stories, walked the walk and placed our bets.
They held me up, I held them down
I fought them off, they tried their best.
What makes us all so different,
when inside we are the same?
What chooses who comes out to play,
when we’re all stuck inside one brain?
If I write you all a memoir,
of the pasts that brought you here,
of battles fought in glory,
and the loves held true and dear.
If I give you each a story,
a chance to tell your side,
will you promise not to haunt me
as I drift alone in changing tides?
100 hats of different shapes,
100 heads of hair,
each of you might’ve known me
but none of you were there.
The day I died wasn’t hollow,
it wasn’t filled up with despair.
I just closed my eyes and thought of you,
and all that we had shared.
Now they gather in the meeting place,
to help finish each others work,
they can move on together now,
their life lessons have been learned

13 Comments on “Many Hats

  1. sheesh….. Robert(a) Musil or what…. now that’s one of those rides at the fun fair you’d need guts to ride… btw if you didn’t know and apologies if you do but Robert Musil wrote about not having any certain identity and his book, which he never finished, kept adding characters and there’s now a Society of folk trying to finish it but they can’t…. you’re a powerful lot C, you writing is so…. Well, soooooooo

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      • where do you think the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ comes from… doh…. ‘we’ve’ all got DID…. imagine if everyone knew…. how would the world look then?…. go on, I know you’ve written a story about it already…

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          • now you’re getting super clever, I’ll reply when I sober up … btw I’m just back from seeing a couple of the lads (yeah know how it goes), Gr says “hey (at the top of his voice) he’s been crying”
            Ng replied “shut the fuck up you, so what if he’s been crying”
            *meanwhile, and to recoup some composure, I go to the toilet leaving their company *
            “Ere” said Ng to Gr “he hasn’t has he”
            “Yeah” said Gr.
            Both Ng and Gr nodded at each other, sighed and then ask “What can we do or say to make him cry some more” both agreeing that it’s in my best interests if I do so…

            to be continued…

            Catherine, to capture such sadness and release such kindness is completely astounding… btw btw I will reply…

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  2. many hat’s has floored me good and proper…. I have written a reply… even still my belief in my reply had waned… so I’m puzzled or muzzled…. and then I’m hit between the eye’s…. Catherine, I’d say “it’s not, yet, your time to go, is/us it”….

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  3. the reply

    Said Madness to her colours “within me you all reside, a reflection of us-selves no doubt but I have had enough. Its time to go Get OUT, GEt Out, GET OUT”

    The Colours did not heed to this shouting,
    a hushed whisper could be heard,
    for never had their brightness,
    each so unique,
    seem dull, deplete, absurd,
    like muted bird song at dawn in spring,
    in a throttling silence the Colours,
    and cling,
    abandoned rainbows,
    dew drops drowned,
    in sunken boats where silence is the sound.

    So, if you’re inclined to take away your Madness the Colours too are lost,
    So ask yourself sweet madness and consider the terrible cost.

    The albatross skimming clouds aloft,
    gliding just waiting to be shot down
    this search for self perfection,
    lay tossed and strewn around,
    call the donkeyman,
    bring his dredger and cart,
    for collection and disposal,
    several broken hearts.

    Relieved us-selves of life’s hardwork blisters,
    this pantomime will end,
    just relax and let be,
    hold hands with us-sisters.

    In Madness the Colours are always heard,
    in life and in death,
    it’s quantum don’t you see,
    now summon her,
    your brightest light,
    the phoenix child is she,
    behind the eyes of sleepers,
    across and of time and space,
    in underwater rainbows,
    her innocence serene and sublime,
    for all of yous do know her,
    she’ll close those pearly gates,
    “if not here, then where” she’ll say to yous
    “it’s life not death for you all to choose and death can surely wait”

    *I hope it reads as it sounds in my head*

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  4. you’re missing from my feeds [don’t you just love the way we adopt the words like ready made experts] I am wishing all the wishes for you [purely selfish or shellfish as I need a good cry as it stops me completely numbing out]… hugs too [as I hate being touched]

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