Follow Me

Follow Me

Follow me, I know the way.
I know this worn out path through Hell.
The secrets we keep live forever here,
Secrets we’ll never tell.

Ask me all your questions,
I’ll know just what to say.
Tell me all your fears,
let me make everything okay.

Depend on me and smother me,
I’m lost without your needs.
I’ll beg for freedom silently,
but know you’ll never let me flee,

Tell me you don’t want me,
but hold me back from running away,
Push my head below the water
as you beg me again to stay.

I need you to need me,
to let me pretend you know what’s best.
I need to know that I am un-wantable,
so I can want to be needed instead.

I can hate you, fear you,
love you and revere you,
but as long as I think I can save you
I’ll come back just to be near you.

I hold on to keep from fading,
into that dark abyss.
Because with nobody left to protect,
I can’t prove that I exist.

Fragmenting consciousnesses compartmentalise the stress. But if I’m really honest I know I’ll never have time to rest.

Time to listen to the silence,
time to feel the pain
time to watch everything I once lived for, run crimson down the drain.

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