I don’t know what to call this

I’m writing because I’m bored and I don’t want to do anything that I probably should be doing like cleaning. Everyone else is watching the bonfire outside. I should use this time to proper write but I looked at stuff in the draft folder and I don’t remember any of it right now and it’s boring.

I’m up to level 2021 on my fish game now! I thought that was funny because the year is 2021 so I stopped there for a bit! I’ve been playing it for a really long time, like a whole year I think? It’s called Fishdom and it’s like candy crush but you build an aquarium with cool fish in it. It’s very addictive!

What are you guys up to? I went for a walk today and took photos of things. There’s a wombat that was hanging around near our house, he let me walk right up to him today but he has mange and looks really gross and sick. I hope he isn’t in pain, maybe I can ring WIRES (they help look after native animals that are hurt or sick) and they might know what to do.

The poor wombat ☹️

Maybe I’ll go out to the bonfire anyway. Bye!

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