The Beast in the Darkness

Kim F, this one is for you (and anyone else who needs to hear it right now). You are already enough, and so much more. 💜

I know things are impossibly hard at the moment and it feels like life outside this pain has never existed and can never exist again.

I know that when the clouds descend they steal the light from your eyes, the will from your body and the hope from your soul.

But this beast in the darkness is telling you lies.

It screams and shouts and stomps and tantrums.
It tells you that your worthless, it tells you you’re a burden or a failure.
The more you resist, the louder it gets.

But the beast is far more scared of you than you are of it.

Because the beast knows that you are brave, it knows you are strong and the beast is terrified. It knows you will rise up and beat it again as you have so many times before and it knows it doesn’t deserve to win.

Because the only thing better off without you is in fact, the beast itself.

In the darkness the beast shrieks and rages, because it is fighting you and it is losing. It is fighting a powerful warrior with a battle to win and a world to conquer.

For once you have shown the world the beast can be defeated, others too can see it’s weakness and through your strength they learn they too can stand.

But you are not alone right now.

You are not the first to come against this beast and you won’t be the last. We find strength in each other.
The survivors that have come before you hear your call to arms and we are here, standing beside you in solidarity and fighting with you in this war.

Because your story isn’t over yet.
You still have the victory scene to write, and it’s going to be magnificent.

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