Mini breaks & Mini Breakdowns

Hello blogland. What’s happening out there?

I am lying in a bed in the spare room of my sisters house with a cracker of a headache and an overall feeling of quizzical numbness that’s wrapped in something I might label as apprehensive excitement. I should probably just switch off my screen and attempt some sleep for the sake of my head and yet here I am. I feel like I want to write but I don’t know what to say so have some dot points and I’ll elaborate later if I remember:

a.) After sorting clutter all week I finally got to head north & visit our sister’s house for the weekend. It’s really great to be here.

b.) Helping a person on the hoarding spectrum move house is extremely frustrating.

c.) Have spent a lot of time sorting old photos. Memories are weird things.

c.) Someone in my head is excruciatingly depressed and someone else is angry (and not about point b) but I don’t have the energy to care or try and figure out why or how to comfort either of them. Many suicidal writings and woeful poetry, I wish they’d just shut up, too tired for that shit, and apparently, compassion.

d.) My nibbling told me they have just been diagnosed with… drum roll please… DID. Yeah, so I accidentally came out at that point and they’re over the moon that they have someone who ‘gets’ them. I’m feeling a tad exposed but maybe we can be helpful to them?

e.) I want a tattoo but all the places are shut.

It’s been a busy week. I’m thinking of taking up drinking.

Here’s a edited photo of us with a bunny aged 7ish

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