Making Paradise

Life has been hectic. The weekend away with our sister & her family was all kinds of cathartic though. We spent hours talking, taking walks around the neighbourhood and along the beach and simply connected. It was perfect.

This week has been back to sorting out our mums place ready to sell. It’s been a hell of a big job, she’s been hoarding quite a lot and so there’s been a lot of stress through the sorting process but despite arguing about throwing away expired canned goods in the beginning, she has become much calmer about ‘letting go’ now and it finally feels like we are really getting places. Her official moving out day is next week and we have signed with a realestate agent for the house to go to auction in December.

So the next few weeks will be filled with painting, gardening and generally beautifying the place so we can get her the best price possible.

My sister’s cat, isn’t he gorgeous?

This week I am grateful for the ability to compartmentalise. 💜

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