Hey. I’m going to take a break for a bit. I know that I haven’t written much here lately anyway but I’m just finding out some things that mean I have done some bad stuff I didn’t know about and now don’t want to write here anymore. Sorry if that upsets you or if it’s a relief then good. Maybe I’ll come back one day but otherwise thanks for reading.

11 Comments on “Break

  1. Definitely not a relief and I hope you are okay very soon. If it works out for you to come back again I’m always pleased to see your notification pop up in my app, but whether you do or whether you don’t, just take good care and look after yourself. Whatever may have happened doesn’t detract from your worth ♥️

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  2. hmm…obviously it’s up to yous to make the call, but really does it have to sound so damn final ? I truly hope it is just a break. I would prefer to think yous have been finally recognised by a publisher or that an eminent therapist and a university have accredited you with a well earned accolade for yours contribution to knowledge creation. … in the meantime be yous beautiful selves, although I have recently found that giving voice to some of my others wasn’t a good thing so I shut the fuck up completely for a bit…hello darkness my old friend eh!….btw I have to get the other hand operated on soon so I am looking forward to waving at strangers, again… you will be missed but hopefully not for too long,eh ? BTW autibiographical narration as a psychotherapeutic practice is again, just now, out of favour.Its something to do with the theoretical basis for a ‘theory of mind’ becoming more material once more….take care of yous all, much love too, Colours of Madness, Alec x


  3. The hairs on my arms are on end. Is this the end? Safe journey if you want to or have to go. IF NOT, I wish, keep on keeping on, please…


    • Oh Alec, thank you for your kindness and support 💜 We are okay. There’s been a lot of internal and external things going on and it’s been hard but we are safe, just taking some time.
      Much love to you, I hope your hand heals well and quickly- the image of random waving brought a warm smile. Thank you for being you!


  4. Just passing-by is all. I remembered when my sister asked me to help cut her tongue off and just how damn hard it was to keep hold of it. I never managed it. My sister made us some toast instead which was a better idea entirely. Sending you lots of love and tons of kindness for yous all.


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