The Bucket List

Well I think we all saw the 2007 blockbuster movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman, and if you haven’t then it’s on Netflix, go watch it right now, I’ll wait.

Pretty good movie huh? If you have a heart then it probably made you tear up just a little. The story of two dying men who meet in hospital and write a list of all the things they want to do before they ‘Kick The Bucket’.

Of course, since that movie millions of people have been inspired to create a bucket list of their own and we are no exception.

We had cop out version of one floating around pre the 2015 suicide attempt, I call it a cop out because we basically put stuff on there that we’d already done to make us feel more like we had achieved stuff and a lot of it was stuff that was super easy and not overly meaningful. I think perhaps the whole thing was a way to somehow reassure ourselves that we really didn’t need to live anymore.

This time around it’s for the right reasons and I want us to include “meaningful” stuff, “fun” stuff and “what have ya got to lose?” Stuff.

I’m going to make sure we add to this regularly as we think of things and then blog about it when we cross them off to hold us accountable. Wish us luck!

  • Finish editing the book
  • Get our “&” tattoo
  • Go out to dinner somewhere so posh that we have to wear a fancy dress.
  • Make photo books with all the digital images currently lost somewhere on hard drives.
  • Try an escape room
  • Go indoor skydiving
  • Unicorn Hair!
  • Go on a real family holiday
  • Plant a sea of flowers in the garden
  • Build a wishing well
  • Go to a resort with one of those swim up bars
  • Write letters to my children
  • Sing songs by a campfire with old friends
  • Go to the Dubbo zoo
  • Lay in a hammock under the stars
  • Forgive ourself
  • See a live comedy show
  • Write thank you cards to the special people in our life
  • Finally see my sisters house
  • Take Mr14 to a cave
  • Watch the sun set over the ocean
  • Try glass blowing
  • Fill a room up with balloons
  • Make a meaningful difference in the world

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