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Dark Winter

We had discussed music in our therapy appointment. Music holds a lot of power over us, it can calm us down from a manic rampage or send us spiralling into madness depending on the day. We love every shade of it and treasure it’s… Continue Reading “Dark Winter”

Surgery Tomorrow

I’ve been sitting on a chair at the hospital provided apartment we are staying at in Sydney half watching Netflix and flicking through photos on my phone. Hubby is snoring on the couch next to me, it’s been a long day. We had the… Continue Reading “Surgery Tomorrow”

Finding Out Stuff About Yourself

So, it’s always fun finding out things you didn’t know about yourself. I found an old journal blog circa 2014/15. I think on some level I knew it existed, but was largely unaware of its content, which is mostly about suicide and written prior… Continue Reading “Finding Out Stuff About Yourself”

Chameleon Keys

I think I just need a hug and a good cry. I’m so caught up in my head that I feel can’t escape anymore. I’m aware there are moments of clarity but I can’t remember them. I feel like I live only in this… Continue Reading “Chameleon Keys”

Old Wounds

Holy mother of fuck. You know that little voice of reason that tells you not to look into something further, to let it be and that you’re probably better off not knowing what happened next? Listen to that voice. Seriously. I don’t care how… Continue Reading “Old Wounds”

Dear Customers,

So I’m having to write a whole lot of “sorry we can’t take on your job after all” letters to people at the moment, people like you. I know I’m keeping it pretty vague, things like “due to unforeseen circumstances” and “we apologise”. Although… Continue Reading “Dear Customers,”

(Welfare) Check, Mate.

So, remember that little passive aggressive tweet to the bank I mentioned in my last post? Well apparently it caused a flood of panic for them and their little anti law suit brigade which resulted in me receiving a “welfare” check from our little… Continue Reading “(Welfare) Check, Mate.”

The Two Sides of The Road

I’m out of town right now, driving into a posh little village in the highlands where old world charm has embraced modern medicine and the local folk are well to do enough to warrant an imaging centre with an MRI machine. They are scanning… Continue Reading “The Two Sides of The Road”

All Out of Magic Wands

I want to die right now. I’m just so fucking exhausted and sick of being in my head, I don’t understand myself and frankly I’ve got no desire to even try to anymore. Maybe this is why some people actually wanted lobotomy’s. Just fuck… Continue Reading “All Out of Magic Wands”

A Million Shattered Dreams

I am currently sitting in my sanctuary, finally sitting at my computer for the first time in nearly six months of being confined to writing on my phone. Pink! Is blaring comfortingly in my ears, I have always liked Pink’s music but I had… Continue Reading “A Million Shattered Dreams”