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Death’s Playbook

It’s hard to fight against such a friendly foe, to ignore its whispering promises of a rest long awaited, a peace long forgotten when one is so desperately sought. The distorted images of a thousand yesterday’s and infinite tomorrow’s play over and over in… Continue Reading “Death’s Playbook”

The Moods of the Sea

There’s something magical about the moods of the sea. Calm waves gently lapping on the shore, bringing forth tiny secrets from the vast depths that lay behind them. Little shells line the beach marking the edge of yesterday’s tide, once homes to the critters… Continue Reading “The Moods of the Sea”

Saying Goodbye

My Dad died on the 28th of December 2020.A good 10 days after a middle aged doctor in situationally inappropriate bright red Christmas themed scrubs told us he’d had a massive hemorrhagic stroke and would pass away within 48hrs. He was a fighter, my… Continue Reading “Saying Goodbye”


It’s chemo week so I’m sharing some old journals from the others again, this wasn’t dated but I’m guessing it’s around 2 or 3 years old (?) – Kate My body is tired but my mind is agitated and restless, a metallic taste invades… Continue Reading “Stagnant”

It’s still 2020…

I walked through the now familiar brightly adorned walls of the cancer centre with my mother and frail looking father shuffling a few paces behind us, we pressed the button on the worlds slowest elevator and headed up to the oncologists office on level… Continue Reading “It’s still 2020…”

Brave Girls Don’t Cry

New Blog Post on a memory that resurfaced about the night I thought I’d lose my Mum.

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Children born today will never remember a world before this crisis. Before we knew how good we had it, how lucky we were. How much we took our civilisation for granted. In the weeks and days before the pandemic really took hold, panic buying… Continue Reading “After”