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I was listening to the lovely Jamoalki’s latest podcast about his reactions and lack of reactions to the deaths of friends and family members and it got me thinking about my own tendency to not cry when someone passes away. Quick trigger warning here,… Continue Reading “Death”

I’m Not Lazy, I’m Bipolar

I often get asked the question “your kids are all at school now, why don’t you go back to work full time?” and it always leaves me floundering a bit for a socially acceptable explanation. It’s hard to tell people that I struggle with… Continue Reading “I’m Not Lazy, I’m Bipolar”

Unlocking Your Passions

Passions are so important, they are what make us the wonderful unique individuals that we are, they give us a sense of purpose, a sense of hope and reasons to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. Sometimes the black cloud of depression can… Continue Reading “Unlocking Your Passions”

The Final Imprint

I often wonder what my last post, last text, last tweet, email or status update might be. It’s that final documented statement that ultimately becomes your legacy, at least the legacy of your online life. 25 years ago those final written statements would have… Continue Reading “The Final Imprint”

Once Upon A Time

Time. They say it heals all wounds and they say it flies, yet wounds will continue to heal so very slowly as life flashes past with lightning speed. Another year has passed, yet another year that I thought I would never experience but I… Continue Reading “Once Upon A Time”

Suicide, The Story We Seldom Tell

*Trigger warning: Suicide- description of feelings, attempt & method*  Have you ever gone to sleep knowing it was for the last time? Secure in the knowledge that soon you would take your final breath and there would be no more pain? I have. I… Continue Reading “Suicide, The Story We Seldom Tell”