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You Are Bad.

I talk too much. Always have, and as I have been trying very hard to accept and be okay with in recent years, I always will.This has been one of the biggest causes of our internal conflict as someone living with DID. My alters… Continue Reading “You Are Bad.”

Good Tidings to All

Tis the season, so they say, in which to be jolly. Despite the abundance of masks, the check in’s, the delta, the omicron and the bumblebee’s, you lovely people out there in blog land have followed along my little adventures and held on through… Continue Reading “Good Tidings to All”


Content Warning ⚠️ discussion of suicide which may be disturbing to some readers. Please decide if it is safe for you to continue & contact lifeline or your local suicide hotline if you are struggling. There is a gun lying at the bottom of… Continue Reading “Blank”

Making Paradise

Life has been hectic. The weekend away with our sister & her family was all kinds of cathartic though. We spent hours talking, taking walks around the neighbourhood and along the beach and simply connected. It was perfect. This week has been back to… Continue Reading “Making Paradise”

Mini breaks & Mini Breakdowns

Hello blogland. What’s happening out there? I am lying in a bed in the spare room of my sisters house with a cracker of a headache and an overall feeling of quizzical numbness that’s wrapped in something I might label as apprehensive excitement. I… Continue Reading “Mini breaks & Mini Breakdowns”

True Colours

Do you know yourself? Do you trust your memories, your feelings, thoughts and opinions to tell you who you really are? Let’s do a little exercise. If you are a regular reader here I want you to pretend for a minute that you don’t… Continue Reading “True Colours”

Carry On

The mood can seem to shift so fast, We’ve been fighting a harsh and unwinnable past. Now time is running out and grief clouds our overcast mind.But the storm in our head’s nearly over,I’m ready to let go of my rein.Carry on fighting my… Continue Reading “Carry On”

A Thousand Candles

I awake from winters clutches,into the clarity of spring.A thousand candles burn their silent songto a thousand flights on untrained wings. In shallow breath and slow beat of heart,weary of world, and withering toll.Go gently, go forth,Into the warmth of the night,release my fractured… Continue Reading “A Thousand Candles”

Signs and Sadness

I know this sounds nuts, but it’s actually not the point of this post, purely an explanation for what followed, which seemed far more representative of a sign from the universe… Where was I? Ok, so if you’ve been a reader for a while,… Continue Reading “Signs and Sadness”


The world inside my mind is on fire. They’re running, screaming, begging and I’m lying down with my popcorn ready to watch it all burn. The truth hurts. If they really wanted me to speak then they should have realised they’d have to suffer… Continue Reading “Untold”