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How My Dream Became A Reality

Just another mother talking about her journey!

My Suicidal Depression: It's not funny, it's hilarious.

a site dedicated to all the high functioning creatives and parents who battle the most deplorable demons yet make it all work


Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift

oneramblingmama's Blog

My Spiritual Journey

The Tee Shirt Blogger

Classic Eggshell Moments

Bipolar-(notice me aliens)

bipolar mixed type / ocd / social phobia / (they) / Italy / tired


Learning how to live well with chronic illnesses by self healing.

Revenge of Eve

A journey through recovery guided by a broken compass

Mental Health @ Home

Building mental wellness by finding a foundation of strength

Parallel Dichotomy

Life is a tension of opposites. We're all walking the line.

Kill The Stigma

A Day in the life with Someone who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder