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Mental illness is exhausting and sometimes its good to just try and distract yourself by doing things that are FUN!

It’s really great having kids in the house because you get a chance to do some things that are generally considered not so socially acceptable for adults and then pretend that you are doing them so that the children can have fun and not because you have been desperate to finally try tie dying… (note its harder than you’d think and I will add a photo of my Kick Ass singlet here soon).

Stuff we like to do to unwind is often related to screen time, which is of course “bad” BUT it’s still fun and takes our mind off of the craptacular side of life.

Fun can be expensive though, like playing mini golf, going to the beach, ten pin bowling and going to the cinema are all great, but the generally cost a bomb and involve other people and organisation. Sitting mind numbingly in front of your computer, phone or tablet on the other hand can be done alone and is completely free!

Guess what, FUN doesn’t need rules! Okay, maybe a few rules – it can’t be at the expense of anyone else or cause any harm to yourself or others…

Fun Facts:

  • Colouring in does not have to be reserved for just pre-schools and psych wards!
  • You can jump on a trampoline at any age! (Be mindful of back injury if your old and do your kegels first if you’ve ever given birth.)
  • Lego is ALWAYS awesome

If you have some fun (appropriate) things to add please contact me and I’ll add them to the list!

Here is a link to some hilarious You Tubers 

Wanna know how to talk like an Aussie?

Wanna know how to swear like an Aussie?

SO this page is totally a work in progress and I’ll add things when I think of them 🙂 In the meantime, HAVE FUN!

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