Hello Lovlies!

If your new, welcome to our little slice of the internet! You know those people who seem to live a life of never ending drama? Well rather than annoy friends and family, burn out our psychiatrist or become one of “those” people on Facebook, we blog about our soap opera-esque life here giving people the option to love it or leave it at their own pace.

We write raw, that means we swear, we go deep and let it all hang out including the stuff you wouldn’t want your grandma to know. That can be hard for some people to cope with so if you’re struggling with our content, stop and have a break or click away and go watch some cute cat videos.

This whole blog comes with a *trigger warning* Topics covered here will mostly include but not be limited to experiences of living with stage 4 bowel cancer, trauma, suicide and navigating multiple mental illnesses including but not limited to Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia & Dissociative Identity Disorder while trying to breakdown a few stigmas along the way.

Due to living with Dissociative Identity Disorder aka DID, you will notice some of the posts are signed by different people, these are some of the different alters within my ‘system’, we share a body but have different thoughts, feelings and memories. Yep, it’s complicated, so if you have no clue what on earth any of that means then click this link and read up on DID or just ignore it and accept that some posts are written collectively and we’ll call ourselves ‘We’ while others are opinions of one particular alter and they will refer to themselves as ‘I’.

All images on this site are either Bitmoji’s or our own photos unless specifically stated otherwise

If you have questions click the ‘contact us’ page in the header bar and send them on through. If you have opinions or thoughts then feel free to add them to the comments section of the relevant blog post, we love polite engagement and comments make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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