Dissociative Disorder Resources

Informative Websites:

Personal Journey Blogs:

*Quick trigger warning reminder here, these blogs are written by people who experience Dissociative Identity Disorder and may contain detailed discussions about their traumas, please make sure you are in a safe enough head space to read potentially triggering content before proceeding.

  • You Will Bear Witness
  • CB, Dancing in the Rain
  • Surviving My Past
  • System Speaks Blog


My link attempts are failing miserably so just search the following on your favourite podcast app 🙂

  • System Speaks
  • Matt Pappas – Surviving Your Past
  • Erica Reva

Forums / Places to Make Connections:

As with any forum you join, please make sure to read the site specific FAQ’s and Rules before posting anything. Also note that forums can contain misinformation and be triggering. While it’s great to connect with people who really understand your situation, there are people who post who’s experiences may be very different from your own and this can feel quite invalidating.

  • Psych Forum
  • Reddit Sub – r/askDID (for general questions about DID)
  • Reddit Sub – r/DID (support forum for people living with DID or OSDD1a/b)

You Tube:

Okay, so the controversy issue is rife on You Tube… I am not going to get involved in all that, honestly it makes my head hurt, but I have put some links here that I believe have useful and accurate information that can help spread awareness of Dissociative Disorders.

You Tubers with lived experience of DID:

Documentary style videos that actually did an okay job of representing DID:

Lectures / Information by psychologists and psychiatrists:

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