New Years Eve

Tonight the world is celebrating, revelling in the possibilities of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Masses of people will dance in the street and look on in awe as Colourful Fireworks rain down in cities across the globe. But for me, this annual excitement is over shadowed by the haunting realisation that while New York... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Christmas Things

I have decided to jump on the festive bandwagon and at least TRY and be excited about the impending holiday known of fondly in most circles as Christmas. Rather than harping on about the drudgeries such as gift wrap fails, preparing seating arrangements so that Uncle Dave and Uncle Gav don’t have another beer fueled... Continue Reading →

The Season Of Now

I found this in the "notes" on my phone, I wrote it half a year ago when it was winter and I felt depression creeping back, most of my readers are northern hemisphere dwellers so it may be more relatable for you guys now anyway. I can't remember if I have already shared it on... Continue Reading →

Cliff Notes

I went back here today: As I pull into the empty dirt car park memories flood my mind, I push the park brake, take a deep breath and open the door. Last time I was here it was cold, now it’s already 30 degrees and it’s only 9am, the suns heat penetrates into my head... Continue Reading →

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

My nails are painted navy blue with silver sparkles, I had them done like that a few weeks ago to represent my connection with the universe that I felt so strongly at the time. Of all the billions of beautiful stars twinkling in the sky, we are right here, existing, living, such a small insignificant... Continue Reading →

Bah Humbug – A Christmas Poem

So, it’s 12 days until Christmas and there’s so much to do, I still need to buy presents, I’ve only bought two! But the shops are so frantic, the shoppers are all crazed, the only spirit I’m getting into is a vodka induced haze. The magazine covers feature wondrous festive scenes, with platters of exotic meats, homemade... Continue Reading →

Salty Air For The Soul

Mr 11 Graduated year 6 the other day, I can't believe my third born already starts high school in January! The school held a (very) small 5 minute ceremony where they handed out graduation certificates and then had a morning tea afterward. I've got to say I was a little bit disappointed, when Mr15 &... Continue Reading →

Seizing Opportunities

I have had a few opportunities knock on my door recently but I have been unable to answer. I was offered a couple of different part time retail jobs from people who have worked with me in the past who don’t know about my bipolar disorder and while I was thinking “YES, YES, YES!! I... Continue Reading →

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