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Okay. I am going to put a large blog wide *TRIGGER WARNING* right here. I will frequently be discussing topics that include my experiences and opinions about mental health, suicide, eating disorders and psychiatric hospital stays.

If you are currently suicidal:

I have been there more times than I care to remember, I understand what it’s like and I am so sorry you are in that place right now. This blog might be comforting, a place where you can feel less alone, but the topics on here can also be unexpectedly confronting and sometimes triggering too. I will never divulge specific methods or what and how much of something I have used in my own suicide attempts as I don’t want to accidentally enable anyone.

Please ask for help if you haven’t yet. I know it’s scary, but it IS worth it. Reach out to a therapist, family member, trusted friend or even a complete stranger. Opening up about your feelings is really hard but it is the first step to healing. Google the words “Suicide Hotline” and it will come up with phone numbers for services in your part of the world where you can have an anonymous conversation with someone who really gets what you are going through and can give you practical advise on what to do now.

In relation to eating disorders:

I will do my very best NOT to give ‘tips’, ideas or mention exact weights – I know how triggering this was for me, I also know how I would seek this kind of thing out as ‘thinspiration’ or view it competitively eg Miss Skinny Blogger had lost 10kg so now I had to lose 11.


This is also my blog, my journal of sorts and as there is a good chance my mental health will fluctuate drastically over time and so might my judgement and general care of exactly what details I decide to write, so please use your own best judgement to decide whether or not the topic is one that is safe or appropriate for you to read.

I will be honest here, sometimes brutally. After all this the place I will write all the stuff I often just can’t bring myself to discuss with people in real life.


Comments are great! I love getting feedback from people. We are all entitled to our opinions and if you disagree with mine no dramas I am interested to hear your point of view, that being said there is no need to be unnecessarily rude about anything; I try to be respectful so you can be too.

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