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Self Care


What is self care? Why is it important? How can you implement more self care into your life? Here I have some information and tips for looking after you!

What’s The Deal With Therapy? 


What therapy is all about? Here I discuss types of therapy, benefits of therapy, financial costs associated with therapy along with how and where to find the right therapist for you.

What to expect when you call Life Line


Have you been reluctant to call Life Line because you didn’t know if you were ‘suicidal enough’, frightened that the police would suddenly turn up on your doorstep or just generally didn’t know what to expect? Well, I did it for you so that I could tell you all about how it really works.

De-Mystifying the Psychward 


What is a stay on the psychiatric ward really like? What is the difference between being a voluntary patient and being held under a ‘section’? Stories about my own experiences in the psych ward as well as practical information about what you can expect when you are admitted and what rights you have.

Read this if you are having a bad day


A reminder that you are not alone, along with some links to try and make you smile including some amusing and embarrassing stories that happened to me, some terrible jokes and some hilarious movies that are worth watching.

Mental Health Related Books & Reviews


Here I list mental health related books and memoirs along with a couple of reviews.

Mental Health Related Movies & TV Shows


A list of some movies and TV shows with a mental health theme or story line and a few reviews.

Awesome Mental Health Blogs


These are some of my favourite and the most popular mental health blogs on the internet at the moment covering topics such as health and wellbeing, mental illness’s like depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar, eating disorders. They are real experiences by real people and sometimes that feeling of ‘not being alone’ we get from reading these types of blogs is just what we need to get us through the day!

The Talking To Strangers Series


These are some links to some of my own blog posts about various deep and meaningful chats I have had with random strangers and how they have impacted my life.




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