I have really embraced Pod Casts over the last few years, they accompany me on my runs, sleepless nights, on long car rides, when I am in the kitchen pretending to know how to cook quinoa and perhaps mostly when I am just sitting on the couch not folding the washing. I have made a list of some of my favourites below, and if you have any to add then please leave a comment or contact me and I will add them on. Oh and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to link to iTunes, but for now just pop the title in your  App Store search bar and it should come up somewhere along the way!

Mental Health Themed

In almost a ‘blog on tape’ the wonderful JP aka ‘Jamoalki’ shares his personal journey with chronic major depression and suicidal ideation, he also has episodes featuring guests with lived experience of mental illness such as Jodie from the podcast Mental Health Raw & Open, Claire from Exercising Depression and yours truly. I have always found this podcast highly relatable and easy to listen to plus the sound quality is always great!

  • No Feeling Is Final:

This documentary-esque podcast by Honor Eastly paints a deep, sometimes dark, often funny and insanely relatable eloquent picture of her journey through mental illness and thoughts relating to suicide. The production quality is something else, thoughtfully and honestly narrated by Honor, she showcases audio snap shots of some of her hardest moments recorded over a 5year period of time and discusses how these have affected her.

This is the website link for more info: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/no-feeling-is-final/

  • The Mental Illness Happy Hour:

Comedian Paul Gilmartin interviews celebrities & listeners about a their stories covering a huge variety of Mental Health topics. Paul also reads listener surveys which makes you realise that no matter what quirky, wonderful, weird and scary things you have thought about, fantasised about or freaked out over, you are not alone.

  • All In The Mind:

Australia’s Radio National discusses a variety of mental health topics through people’s personal stories and interviews with mental health professionals.


The Below are all excellent podcasts, I just haven’t had time to write blurbs and links for them yet! Head over to iTunes or whoever your podcast provider may be, pop the title in the search bar and give them a listen today!

  • Beyond Your Past
  • The Psych Central Podcast
  • A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic and a Podcast now known as The Not Crazy Podcast
  • System Speaks – A podcast about Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Inside Schizophrenia 
  • Mental Health Raw & Open
  • Exercising Depression
  • The We In Me
  • Sarah Fader The Podcast

Health, News and Information directed at Women


  • Standard Issue

Online women’s magazine turned pod cast, comedians discussing important current events in a hilarious manner.

  • The Hot Flush

Aussie Mummy Blogess extraordinaire’s Mrs Woog & Kym Berry chat about all sorts stuff  that might be affecting the peri menopausal amongst us, from current events in the news to night sweats. With these two hilarious girls at the helm, you can be guaranteed to spit your caffeine free, almond milk, chai latte out of your nose at least once per episode.

Health, News and Information Directed at Men 


  • Am I Ready To Be A Father

Radio personality Ryan John discusses the stresses of deciding whether or not to pro create.



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