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Do you like improv?

One of my favourite TV shows that used to be on years ago when I lived in town and still had TV reception was called ‘Who’s Knocking At The Door’, no wait it wasn’t, that’s what I called it because even though it was my favourite show I could never remember its bloody name… It was actually called “Thank God You’re Here!”. The basic jist of the show is they throw a well known Australian Comedian like Rebel Wilson into a mystery situation which is semi scripted by other improv actors, the only clue the comedian has to what may happen is the outfit they are wearing before they go in. It’s really fricken funny, well I love it anyway! Below I have thrown in a few YouTube vids guaranteed to break a smile even on the hardest day, there are hundreds more online so if you love it as much as I do just search through you-tube to check them out until you run out of internet data.

Awesome Comedian YouTuber’s


Tanya Hennessy An Aussie gal with a variety of topics on her channel, she was a radio DJ in a town near me a few years back, I met her once, she’s just as funny in real life.


These video’s are all gold, subscribe to her channel. This one’s called ‘Things All Mum’s Do” and its completely accurate:

JP Sears – This American guy is actually a life coach in real life but he is also hilariously funny and does videos both on real topics relating to psychology and funny versions of real topics relating to psychology in a dead pan tone. He is also probably one to avoid if you are vegan or a Flat Earther…

This one is on Gluten Intolerance and as someone who has been gluten free for years and all the wrong reasons (namely my eating disorder) this video is exceptionally hilarious. He isn’t bagging out genuine Celiacs though, just the fad dieters. Check out his channel for other funny vids.



Exactly what it sounds like, you had one job and still managed to screw it up! These compilations are always good for a laugh:


Okay, and here are a few of the old Schardan Freud variety for you bad Karma magnets out there:

People getting swooped by magpies:

If you don’t know what a magpie is, they are a harmless black and white Australian bird affectionately known as “Maggies”, they warble a sweet song in the mornings and dig curl grubs out of your lawn 3 seasons of the year. But in Spring they turn into psychopathic flying monsters launching themselves at anyone within 50metres of the tree they are nesting in. They draw blood, have been known to take eyes out and have a penchant for attacking cyclists.  Fact: If you are in Australia in spring time and see people wearing cycle helmets with long straws sticking out of them they aren’t just weirdo’s, they are actually an effective magpie protection mechanism!

General fails (not just Australia):

I know there are probably way more I can add here and I will over time, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to send it my way just email

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