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Saying Goodbye

My Dad died on the 28th of December 2020.A good 10 days after a middle aged doctor in situationally inappropriate bright red Christmas themed scrubs told us he’d had a massive hemorrhagic stroke and would pass away within 48hrs. He was a fighter, my… Continue Reading “Saying Goodbye”

So Over Hospitals

I’m sitting in a super uncomfortable chair in the foyer of the hospital hiding because it’s too windy and cold to sit outside. I’m not allowed to actually go into the emergency department today – there’s a new strict one visitor per patient rule… Continue Reading “So Over Hospitals”

Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste

It took us a while to find the right building as we came into the hospital once again, this time for the pre-chemo information session. Mum had been given instructions over the phone to go to ‘the fourth floor” but had somehow missed the… Continue Reading “Wallpaper, Wigs & Toxic Waste”

Anxiety & Poison

We are struggling a bit at the moment with the parents and all of their illness stuff. They went to visit my Aunt up at the Gold Coast for a week as a last hoorah pre-chemo and Dad ended up in hospital after he… Continue Reading “Anxiety & Poison”

Ageing Parents

I’m throwing myself a bit of a pity party right now, pardon the incoming rant…. If you read the blog regularly you might remember that my Father has Alzheimer’s and I don’t recall if I (or We) mentioned that he was also diagnosed with… Continue Reading “Ageing Parents”

Que Sera

Life is a roller coaster. We all start out the same way, screaming bundles of DNA and neurons ready to be sculpted into a self aware conscious being. We don’t know if it’s going to be a short life or a long one, happy… Continue Reading “Que Sera”

Forget Me Not

*This is a flashback Friday post from my old blog March 2017* “Katie-belle, if I ever end up like that, I want you to promise you will shoot me.” Dad shook his head sadly at the television as the news reporter spoke, the documentary… Continue Reading “Forget Me Not”