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In the sunlight the butterfly dances,From flower to flowerFluttering wings create a tiny ripple. But nobody hears. In the moonlight the moth dances,From flower to flower.A tiny ripple becomes a massive storm. But nobody sees. The storm recedes, the moth & the butterfly emerge.Alone… Continue Reading “Butterfly”


The shame runs deep. It courses through my veins, part of my life blood, part of my DNA. The knowledge that I will never match up to my own expectations because of the inherent weakness of my coarse and ugly soul burns hotter than… Continue Reading “Stalemate”


Never is a long time, it’s as close as forever is far away and it feels equally as hopeless. It is a crossed over line in the black and white abyss of thoughts that circles around our loose attempt to cling to life a… Continue Reading “Never”

Podcasts and Freakouts

We’ve been having intermittent internal meltdowns since recording a pod cast with our friend JP aka Jamoalki from “Depressed Not Dead”. We had wanted to record a show for ages but it’s hard for me to get any uninterrupted time with a simultaneously good… Continue Reading “Podcasts and Freakouts”

Into The Lighting

A cool evening breeze has finally given us respite from the scorching heat of the past few days bringing with it a silent yet tremendous light show that is eerily illuminating the dark night to the perfect beat of the appropriately soulful and sorrowful… Continue Reading “Into The Lighting”

A Million Shattered Dreams

I am currently sitting in my sanctuary, finally sitting at my computer for the first time in nearly six months of being confined to writing on my phone. Pink! Is blaring comfortingly in my ears, I have always liked Pink’s music but I had… Continue Reading “A Million Shattered Dreams”

Strawberry Bubbles

Today I felt elated, my problems of yesterday just magically fell away. Today the colours of the earth shon brightly and vividly just for me. Today I had alcohol. Today I talked too much about personal things I shouldn’t say. Today I spent a… Continue Reading “Strawberry Bubbles”

Day Dreamers Sleeping

I don’t know how to tell the difference between what has actually happened and what was simply dreamt of anymore. Memories of my reality are exactly like those of my dreams and it takes detective work to sift through their feasibility before one can… Continue Reading “Day Dreamers Sleeping”


The room is crowded. It’s full of elephants. My aunt has a ridiculously large collection of elephants, and ironically bipolar. Actually in hindsight, those two things are probably linked… Anyway. What was my point here again?  Oh yes, elephants. 🐘 My last visit to my… Continue Reading “Elephants”

Surrounded By Myself

  I’ve been struggling.  I’m overwhelmed with responsibilities, frustrated by my inability to fix everything for everyone and disillusioned by the current political climate here in Australia, Hell, the world. But mostly I feel trapped, trapped by the very things I love the most,… Continue Reading “Surrounded By Myself”