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Part 6: The Devil’s Car

After leaving New Zealand and Diamond behind I don’t remember The Devil being spoken about again. My Grandmother had returned once more to New Zealand and I had no contact with either of them. Diamond’s story was long forgotten, stored safely in a locked… Continue Reading “Part 6: The Devil’s Car”

Part 5: Uncovered

Diamond had her first baby at 13, she’d grown up the hard way “graduated from the school of hard knocks” as she often joked wryly, but a trauma survivor can sniff out another a mile away, she had sensed my inner pain and she… Continue Reading “Part 5: Uncovered”

Part 4: Blackout

When we were around 13 or 14 we went back to the land of the long white cloud, once again as an unaccompanied minor. By this stage of our life our mental health was declining rapidly and we were just beginning the downward spiral… Continue Reading “Part 4: Blackout”

Part 3: Meeting Diamond

It’s funny how the mind plays tricks on you, worse perhaps for those of us with dissociative disorders who experience time as anything but linear. I knew I’d been to New Zealand as a child but it wasn’t until writing “The Devil’s Wife” that… Continue Reading “Part 3: Meeting Diamond”

Broken Words

I am starting to lose myself again, I’ve had the burning need to lock myself away somewhere alone and just write until I’ve processed my entire life for a week now. I had a series of epiphanies that cracked open a box inside and… Continue Reading “Broken Words”

The Last English Teacher

She was short and chubby, 30 something with long blonde hair. She was kind yet firm, quick witted with a sarcastic ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude. Her name, like my own, was Kate and in an era where teachers were only ever called Sir,… Continue Reading “The Last English Teacher”


In the sunlight the butterfly dances,From flower to flowerFluttering wings create a tiny ripple. But nobody hears. In the moonlight the moth dances,From flower to flower.A tiny ripple becomes a massive storm. But nobody sees. The storm recedes, the moth & the butterfly emerge.Alone… Continue Reading “Butterfly”


I’ve been burning down invisible bridges,setting my heart on fire.Hiding in the shadows of a memory,collecting my fading scars Maybe the worlds still turning,leaving me in its wake.Maybe time is still passing, while I keep on raising the stakes. What if I lose who… Continue Reading “Tomorrow”


Today is a woe is me day. It’s the day after my chemo infusion and the nausea is wearing off enough to examine my circumstances but the 48hr pump connected to my chest port coupled with fatigue is keeping me bed bound and unable… Continue Reading “Tethered”

Drama Queen

You know those people that never shut up? It feels like their life has been an endless soap opera and it’s exhausting to listen to them moaning and complaining. Surely they bring this shit upon themselves, surely they love the drama, feed off the… Continue Reading “Drama Queen”