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Netflix went rogue and re-downloaded all of our watched movies that I hadn’t deleted and as a result I have run out of my way-overpriced satellite internet data for the rest of the month. I am typing this on my phone from a precarious… Continue Reading “Silenced”

Psychosis or Spirituality?

The world has birthed us right inside the greatest work of fiction ever written, the one we write for ourselves. Life. It is a book only we can read and only in the capacity afforded to us. We share part of our stories with… Continue Reading “Psychosis or Spirituality?”

The World’s Stage

I have always questioned the reality of the world I live in. From a young child I remember wondering if I was being tricked by all of the adults in my life, certain things I was told just didn’t add up to me. I… Continue Reading “The World’s Stage”

Feelin’ The Liebe

I’m a lucky gal! Rory, the lovely Guy (or is it Bloke?) behind the wonderful blog A Guy Called Bloke has very kindly given me my second Liebster Award nomination! Thank you so much, it is really touching that people are taking the time to… Continue Reading “Feelin’ The Liebe”

Social Media, Suicide & The Power Of Words

Australian Facebook and Twitter feeds were recently overwhelmed by disbelief and heartbreak after the death of Amy Jayne Everett, a young girl affectionately known as “Dolly” and famous for being the cute smiling 6yr old face behind an Akubra Christmas add campaign 8 years… Continue Reading “Social Media, Suicide & The Power Of Words”

Liebster Award Nomination 2018

I’d like to thank the wonderful Kat from familyfurore.com for passing this award over to me. Kat hosts a powerful mental health blog in which she shares her personal experiences in raising her amazing teenage daughter Jessie who has bipolar disorder, PTSD and anxiety. Kat is… Continue Reading “Liebster Award Nomination 2018”

The War On Me

I wish I had the stamina to help people, I want so badly to inspire other people living with this damn illness. I want to show them how to get through those hard days, to demonstrate that there is a light at the end… Continue Reading “The War On Me”