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Set Us Free

I was supposed to go into the city to have a blood test today to check I’m ok for chemo on Monday but the blood test place is shut due to the Easter long weekend even though Google says it’s open I rang to… Continue Reading “Set Us Free”


I wagged chemo this week. If I’m honest Im a touch on the depressed side right now and I just couldn’t face it. The thought of the cancer growing just wasn’t enough motivation to get out of bed. You know those days when you’re… Continue Reading “Emu-ism”

Cancer Update

Tomorrow morning we have our first set of CT scans since starting chemo. We’ve had 5 of 12 rounds of the chemo combo known as “folfiri” which is a combination of fluorouracil, irinotecan and folinic acid, we get this via IV infusion every two… Continue Reading “Cancer Update”

Look good, Feel Better part 1

I’m sitting in the car in the hospital car park. No treatment today thank goodness, but instead I’m going to attend a workshop called “Look Good, Feel Better”. It’s designed to help cancer patients cope with the physical toll of cancer treatments and so… Continue Reading “Look good, Feel Better part 1”

New Beginnings

So we finally saw M face to face, it was fantastic to be there again, odd initially – I didn’t recognise the receptionist but she didn’t seem to recognise me either so I think she must have been new, but the funny thing about… Continue Reading “New Beginnings”

Pixies and Poison

It’s 35 degrees Celsius today and I’m lying on a blue hospital recliner with a blanket shivering while chemo #2 courses it’s poisonous way around my veins. Has anyone else noticed how Hospital air conditioning always seems to be set 5 degrees below comfortable?… Continue Reading “Pixies and Poison”

Trust your body

I came across a letter from August 2020 written to my wonderful psychiatrist M that was stored in phone notes. I’m not sure if we ended up actually sending it to her or not but upon re reading it I’m deeply saddened by just… Continue Reading “Trust your body”

Lonely Hollow

“Four children? I don’t believe it. You look 25 and look at that flat stomach, how could you possibly have carried four children? What’s your secret?” It was meant as a compliment, but it eats into my heart like dreams of forbidden food. In… Continue Reading “Lonely Hollow”

The Positivity Post

Except for a brief moment yesterday when “Donald Trump” decided to be a complete shit, I’ve been feeling really positive lately. It’s a bit weird, but I’m going with it. I actually legitimately got offered a job the other day then when I told… Continue Reading “The Positivity Post”

The Bag Lady

So within minutes of publishing the last post on Friday I had a phone call from the surgeon asking if I could come in for the ileostomy surgery right away instead of Monday as their Monday list had filled up but he could squeeze… Continue Reading “The Bag Lady”