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The Plan

We saw the oncologists yesterday and they think that we’ll make an excellent candidate for the big scary surgery peritonectomy which all going well should be quite life extending with hope that it could even be curative (around 30% of cases). So we’ve made… Continue Reading “The Plan”

Welcome to the Shit Show!

**TMI warning!! So we had the colonoscopy. You may recall our anxiety regarding this procedure from our previous posts, all I can say is thank God for the ability to compartmentalise as we managed to not only attend but we didn’t run away even… Continue Reading “Welcome to the Shit Show!”

Lovers, Not Fighters

Things have spiralled so quickly. There are a lot of wonderful, kind doctors and nurses in my world talking with each other at the moment and trying to make things happen quickly for me but they keep forgetting to tell me what their plans… Continue Reading “Lovers, Not Fighters”

Maybe a little hope?

Because the strange beautiful world we live in is full of undeniable coincidences, I was having a long overdue catch up with one of my dearest friends this morning on the phone and she told me about a person she knows who not only… Continue Reading “Maybe a little hope?”


How long will it take before I start to forget for a moment that I’m dying? Will I ever have a carefree peaceful day when all things Cancer are simply forgotten? For a few blissful seconds after I wake up in the morning I… Continue Reading “Flailing”

We Got The Results

The surgeon who performed our radical hysterectomy, appendectomy, peritoneal resection & tumour removal last week called on Saturday evening with the histopathology results. He’s a really nice guy and We could tell it was hard on him breaking bad news. The results say that… Continue Reading “We Got The Results”

Hospitals & Snoring Roommates

I wake up in a pool of sweat and look around the half lit room, it takes me a moment to figure out I’m in hospital, then I remember that’s right I don’t have ovaries anymore, menopause has rudely hit 15 years early and… Continue Reading “Hospitals & Snoring Roommates”

We had the operation

As the title said, we had the operation- we coped beautifully until we actually reached the day surgery unit and had our name called, then we completely freaked out. There are some nurses down there I owe apologies to for my rudeness. Poor hubby… Continue Reading “We had the operation”


Is there an amusing light hearted GIF for “I am not going to survive the next few days”? I like embracing humour in my darkest moments, it masks the pain better. Nobody else needs to know I’m falling apart unless I choose to tell… Continue Reading “Ultimatum”

So Over Hospitals

I’m sitting in a super uncomfortable chair in the foyer of the hospital hiding because it’s too windy and cold to sit outside. I’m not allowed to actually go into the emergency department today – there’s a new strict one visitor per patient rule… Continue Reading “So Over Hospitals”